Man detoxing while he is sleeping

Detox safely and comfortably at night.

People have asked why a suppository was developed for Detoxamin.  Here are some benefits for using a suppository to deliver a powerful system to assist your body to remove toxins and heavy metals.

Every medication has a certain amount of time that it remains “active” before the body begins to metabolize or excrete the medication. The amount of time it lasts in the body before it is half gone is called the half life. Detoxamin has impressive absorption, bio-availability and high tissue concentrations, which have been validated through scientific research. The suppository absorbs directly into the bloodstream. It has a half life of more than 8 hours, making it gentle, safe and effective over a longer period of time as compared to EDTA IV chelation half life of 4 hours.

Detox while you sleep

Detoxamin is readily absorbed by the colon, making it superior to oral chelation products.  The pathway has a neutral pH and is not as acidic as the stomach.

Detoxamin chelation suppositories are best taken at night.  They will therefore not interfere with your daily schedule.  At night, there are also far less internal metabolic activities to compete with the EDTA chelating process.

The small, frequent dose of EDTA in the Detoxamin suppository allows high chelation efficiency.  The EDTA remains longer throughout the body and therefore does not place as much burden on the liver or kidneys.  The result:  more time to chelate and safer for your body.