Seventy Years Ago

The world started seeing the benefits of IV EDTA Chelation Therapy. However, IV Chelation can be inconvenient, invasive, and very expensive and time consuming. All these issues are eliminated with Detoxamin EDTA chelation suppositories.

The delivery, bioavailability and absorption of Detoxamin have been scientifically proven to be superior to even that of IV Chelation therapy. Detoxamin is a unique, patented and proprietary blend which has been formulated over nine years. Detoxamin is the original trusted and credible brand. Accept nothing less than the best for your health.

Detoxamin was the first to be developed as an EDTA time-release suppository technology. It has been accepted and sold in 26 countries and used by many thousand practioner’s world wide. Their patented formula is unique and unlike any other. This is why Detoxamin is the only product of its kind that actually has the proof to back up its claims. Why is this important? Several reasons, many companies promote better price, and product claims that have absolutely no scientific or clinical reference of any kind.

Scientific evidence is important because all EDTA suppositories are not alike. Formulas, ingredients, consistency, time-release, and other important aspects that create high absorption of EDTA are all different. Detoxamin has captured all these important properties in their formula and is the best alternative to IV EDTA chelation.

What is EDTA chelation therapy and what is it used for?

Chelation (pronounced key-lay-shun) is the process by which a metal or mineral (such as lead, mercury, iron, arsenic, aluminium, etc.) is bonded to another substance-in this case an amino acid called EDTA, Ethylene-Diamine-Tetra-Acetic acid. It is a natural process, basic to life itself. During EDTA chelation therapy, the EDTA infusion bonds with unwanted metals in the body and quickly carries them away in the urine.


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